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( May. 22nd, 2012 01:08 pm)
ETA: Clearly a work in progress - as the Lympics occur I imagine trips to London will be curtailed and I will venture aross the border into Sussex. This is shamelessly plagiarised from a CAMRA page, but tidied up into my obsessive compulsive gottacatchemall format of a list in alphabetical order. A few of them are about to go into production; others will fall be the way side.

* 1648 Brewing Company (East Hoathly, Lewes, East Sussex - www.1648brewing.co.uk - The Kings Head)
Adur Brewery (Shoreham-by-Sea/Steyning, West Sussex - adurvalleycoop.com)
Anchor Springs (Littlehampton The Crown - www.thecrownlittlehampton.co.uk)
Arundel Ales (Ford, Arundel, West Sussex - www.arundelbrewery.co.uk )
* Ballards Brewery (Nyewood, Petersfield GU31 5HA - www.ballardsbrewery.org.uk
Baseline (Small Dole, West Sussex - www.baselinebrewing.co.uk)
Bedlam (Albourne, Hassocks, West Sussex - www.bedlambrewery.co.uk)
Beachy Head Brewing Co. (East Dean, Eastbourne - www.beachyhead.org.uk/brewery – mainly bottled)
Black Cat Brewery,(Groombridge - www.blackcat-brewery.com)
Brighton Bier Company and Kemptown (The Hand in Hand pub, Kemptown, Brighton)
* Dark Star (Partridge Green - www.darkstarbrewing.co.uk)
Edge Brewing Co. (and Franklins) (Bexhill, East Sussex - www.edgebrewing.co.uk www.franklinsbrewery.co.uk )
Fallen Angel Microbrewery (East Hoathly, East Sussex - www.fallenangelbrewery.com – bottles)
* Filo Brewery (Hastings, East Sussex - www.thefilo.co.uk)
Full Moon Brewery Ltd (Battle, East Sussex - www.fullmoonbrewery.co.uk)
Gribble Brewery (Gribble Lane, Oving, near Chichester, West Sussex - www.gribbleinn.co.uk)
Hammerpot Brewery (Poling, Arundel, West Sussex - www.hammerpot-brewery.co.uk)
* Harveys (Lewes, East Sussex)
Hastings Brewery Ltd (St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - www.hastingsbrewery.co.uk)
Isfield Brewery, Maresfield
Kissingate Brewery (Lower Beeding - www.kissingate.co.uk)
Kitchen Garden Brewery (Sheffield Park, East Sussex - www.kitchengardenbrewery.co.uk – bottles)
Langham Brewery (Petworth - www.langhambrewery.co.uk)
Long Man (Litlington East Sussex - www.longmanbrewery.com)
Pin-Up (Stone Cross, Sussex - www.pinupbeers.com/about/ - moving from Essex)
Rectory Ales (Streat, East Sussex).
* Rother Valley Brewing Co. (Northiam, East Sussex)
Southdowns (Small Dole, West Sussex - www.southdownsbrewery.com)
Turners Brewery (Ringmer - www.turnersbrewery.com)
* W. J. King & Co (Horsham, West Sussex - www.kingbeer.co.uk)
* Weltons (Horsham, West Sussex - www.weltonsbeer.co.uk)
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( May. 22nd, 2012 12:01 pm)
I thought I'd posted this sort of list already, but I can't find it and here it is. Brewers in Kent or just nearby. I've ticked a few more off, and add more.

Abigale Brewery (Ashford) [keep missing this at The Unicorn]
Black Cat (Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells) [I reckon they don't want to sell them - here's their website www.blackcat-brewery.com/. Maybe it's only festivals.]
* Canterbury Ales (Chartham, Canterbury)
* Canterbury Brewers (Canterbury)
* Goachers (Maidstone)
* Hop Fuzz Brewery (Hythe)
* Hopdaemon Brewery (Sittingbourne/Newnham)
* Kent Brewery (West Malling)
* Larkins Brewery (Edenbridge
* Millis (South Darenth, Dartford)
Moodley's Brewery (Penshurst, Tonbridge) [Bottles only?]
* Nelson Brewery Company (Chatham)
* Old Dairy Brewery (Cranbrook)
Old Forge Brewery (Farrier's Arms, Mersham, Ashford) [brewpub? http://www.thefarriersarms.com/]
* Ramsgate Brewery (Broadstairs)
Ripple Steam Brewery Ltd. (Dover) [not yet commercially available - http://www.ripplesteambrewery.co.uk/]
* Rother Valley (East Sussex, so doesn't really count)
* Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Co. (Tunbridge Wells)
* Shepherd Neame Ltd (Faversham)
Swan on the Green (West Peckham, Maidstone) [brewpub?]
Tír Dhá Ghlas Brewery (Dover) [brewbistro]
* Tonbridge Brewery (Tonbridge)
* Wantsum Brewery (Canterbury)
* Westerham Brewery (Edenbridge)
* Whitstable Brewery (Maidstone)
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( Apr. 6th, 2012 10:24 pm)
I keep enjoying not going to the Bubble.

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( Oct. 30th, 2007 09:18 pm)
... anything but water. Until after 9am because I have a blood test to take tomorrow. On Halloween. Ho bloody ho.

I don't have the veins for this. Last time it took the specialist nurse to find one. I offer the suggestion that I don't have high blood pressure. Maybe plain chocolate. Nothing that courses through the veins. I mean, if I had high blood pressure they'd prick me and I'd just deflate like a balloon, but jetting blood all over the place.

The first couple of blood tests I didn't fast. You'd imagine the doctor would mention such a salient fact. He'd done this before - I hadn't. So it goes.

Nothing but water. No coffee. No b-e-e-r.

Woe is me.
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( Feb. 5th, 2007 12:51 am)
I have what appears to be known as an unproductive cough. I would have thought that that any cough would be unproductive, as it gets in the way and is pretty unpleasant, but then cut for potential TMI )

Thieu[livejournal.com profile] the_bottles finally visited this weekend, after blowing me out at least twice before, and we had a fun if boozy weekend. We spent Friday night in the Doves before adjourning to the Bell&, and wandering home to listen to some Mighty Boosh and Kitchens of Distinction. We went back via the Carps, with NW, who returned The_Bottles's Mighty Boosh CD and smashed the casserole dish I left with him at Christmas. Heigho.

Break to cough. Unproductively.

I had some very vivid dreams between initially waking at 7.30 and getting up at 10. But I'd better not share them as they are filed under "Abjection".

The 4am bedtime didn't exactly lead to us head off into town that early, but after beans on toast we hit Fopp, various charity shops, a second hand musical equipment shop and then the Doves on the way home. We headed off home for me to cook - a from-memory version of [livejournal.com profile] lamentables's Thai fish curry - and then returned to the drinking. I beat The_Bottles at chess, as I had the night before, and then was challenged by G to a game. At first it looked as if I was going to be thrashed, but I won from a position of only having a queen, a bishop and a rook and having taken about threee of his pawns. The rematch he won. Thence to the Bell& again, although we did consider an adjournment to the Old Brewery. Then I played some Amateur Transplants, followed by Tom Lehrer who he hadn't heard of, and finally Bonzo Dog Band as it seemed the natural progression.

ThieuWe both emerged at about noon, and headed into town in search of a roast dinner. Alas the Dolphin was full, and so we had a reasonable alternative at Simple Simon's. Then we went to the Bell&, assuming that he would have to go for a train fairly soon. Well, we missed that one, by two pints. Then for another in the Hobgoblin, missing another train in the processs, and when I got back from the loo, another round appeared. Eventually we got up to west, to discover that I'd misread the timetable. Travelling from east was still a no-no - engineering works - but the timetable times for west were the times you'd start walking to west station, and thus were twenty minutes out. He could have caught an earlier train. But he wouldn't've.

I popped into the Doves, but left by nine to watch Louis Theroux, and planned an early night.

Meanwhile, I want to write. But I've got to put it off. Perhaps I can start the research for it.

Unproductive cough.
Friday turned into another non-day, just about waking up for an impromptu pub crawl in the evening; N took it easy, as he had work the next day, I matched him and hopefully would be able to get revisions on an article and essay marking done on Saturday. Well, I marked 13 essays.

I wasn't sure about going out on the Saturday - I don't feel comfortable in big groups of drinkers, and well, there's sometimes a culture clash or a generation gap (I'm 9 years older than the next oldest person last night, 16 years older than another of them). I figured I'd go along for a couple and bail before the club.

Half successful.

I was in the Doves an hour earlier than then others, although I'd been told 7.30, and had a few before we went onto the Old City Inn, which we'd been in the night before. As it was raining, we took a taxi down to Casey's, which was packed. Ha Has for an expensive and sweet pint. And then round the corner to the Beer Cart Arms, which I think is the only pub within the walls I've not been in before. There was a charge to get in, but only a quid. I was briefly left behind, whilst I finished a second pint, and ran into the guys at The Old Brewery.

At least I kept off shots. I txted someone as follows:

Small have x
managed after
mate etc

Nope, I don't, either. I can't even work out what it was trying to predict. I'm hoping it didn't send, as I kept getting error messages.

I woke at about 8.30, and didn't really sleep again, and managed a little work before 12, and have done those revisions. Now to plough through the rest of the marking. Sigh.
I had a txt Monday night about 6.30 from N asking if tonight was still on; this crossed with one asking him if he was still coming round. The paranoid part of me asks itself if that meant there might be a reason I wouldn't want to see him or more likely vice versa.

There is a gap in the early hours. I clearly got home, although I seem to recall a long way round, I clearly opened the front door, clearly locked and bolted it, clearly got to bed, but left out that getting undressed part, and proceeded directly, do not pass water, to the oblivion fully clothed.

With shoes on.

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( Dec. 31st, 2006 08:31 pm)
It's 8.30, it's pissing it down and I'm about to trudge with holey shoes to pay thirty-five quid to drink in my local.


Sounds too windy to risk an umbrella.

Happy new year folks
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( Dec. 9th, 2006 02:11 pm)
Still frustratingly short of the 100k mark on both projects - I did lose most of the morning though.

Last night we decided to try The Cuban, a new bar/restaurant squeezed into a very narrow space and on several levels. N's been there before, with his ex, but clearly we weren't in the mood to go there the last time we went for a crawl together, although we've talked about it often enough. Because of the architecture, the bar is only about two metres long, and because they specialise in cocktails, service is slow to get to and slow to get that drink once you are there. Different people, different worlds: I perceived it as a very female crowd (3:1 on some tables), N as very male. We moved on quickly.

The Hobgoblin is a chain, but has its own tatty character, and the beer's good. For some reason we always end up on the table nearest the back doors, and often freeze as a result. We had our usual table. For once the place was free of my students. After a couple there we moved to the Bell&, which was full of squaddies and so we moved on; fortunately I hadn't been able to get to the bar. As always we disagreed about the precise route between the two pubs - I cut down past the theatre and the Tales, turning right at Scribes, he tends to walk further up the High Street or past Orange Street. I'm sure my route is quicker, but I would say that, wouldn't I?

The Buttermarket being ruled out of order, we went to the Old Brewery. Quieter than last weekend, and less bovvered about my hoodie. The music was better to, and I was bullied into boogieing. There appeared to be some kind of teacher's Christmas do on, and the dance floor altered according to the decade of the tune. We kept going for two hours or more, until we ran out of money for Guinness, and staggered home before they started kicking us out.

Of course, I'd left the alarm on for 7.15, so I awoke early, but it was 10.30 before I worked my way up to a bath. I've finished another entry, and now I'm off to look at posters. I'm convinced town will be hell, but I'll see. N is keen for more drink tonight. I don't think I can do another 2am. Christmas week will be spent in bed.

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