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([personal profile] faustus Oct. 23rd, 2011 11:37 pm)
I believe I have drunk something from all the starred breweries below - which seems to be a complete list of the breweries in Kent, of which a third have proabbly been set up since I moved to Kent. I should probably try to collect the others by visiting Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Maidstone (probably the Flower Pot?). Maybe a visit to The Elephant in Fav or The Lifeboat in Margate would help. Or possibly The Butcher's Arms, although the webpage's logo are distinctly unkent.

Dr Kneale?

Abigale Brewery (Ashford)
Black Cat (Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells)
* Canterbury Ales (Chartham, Canterbury)
* Canterbury Brewers (Canterbury)
Farrier's Arms Brewery (Mersham, Ashford)
Goachers (Maidstone)
Hop Fuzz Brewery (Hythe)
* Hopdaemon Brewery (Sittingbourne
Kent Brewery (West Malling)
* Larkins Brewery (Edenbridge
* Millis (South Darenth, Dartford)
Moodley's Brewery (Penshurst, Tonbridge)
* Nelson Brewery Company (Chatham)
* Old Dairy Brewery (Cranbrook)
* Ramsgate Brewery (Broadstairs)
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Co. (Tunbridge Wells)
* Shepherd Neame Ltd (Faversham)
Swan on the Green (West Peckham, Maidstone)
Tonbridge Brewery (Tonbridge)
* Wantsum Brewery (Canterbury
* Westerham Brewery (Edenbridge)
* Whitstable Brewery (Maidstone)


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