As always these are provided as much for my own benefit and interest as anyone else's - check opening times and venues before travelling; additions, suggestions, corrections and company welcome. I also have a Google Calendar which I add to. Exhibitions in red are on now (in theory).

  • Rothko in Britain 9-Sep-2011 26-Feb-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London
  • Artists in Residence: Shiraz Bayjoo and DARTER 16-Dec-2011 26-Feb-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London
  • Government Art Collection: Selected by Simon Schama: Travelling Light 16-Dec-2011 26-Feb-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London
  • Zarina Bhimji 19-Jan-2012 9-Mar-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London
  • Steven Clayton: Culpable Earth 4-Feb-2012 7-May-2012 FirstSite Colchester
  • Andrea Zittel, Lay of My Land 10-Feb-2012 20-May-2012 BALTIC Gateshead
  • Elizabeth Price 3-Feb-2012 27-May-2012 BALTIC Gateshead
  • Gillian Wearing 28-Mar-2012 17-Jun-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London Tickets
  • The Bloomberg Commission: Josiah McElheny: The Past Was A Mirage I Had Left Far Behind 7-Sep-2011 20-Jul-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London
  • The London Open 3-Oct-2012 25-Nov-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London
  • Mel Bochner 12-Oct-2012 30-Dec-2012 Whitechapel Gallery London

    Ends February 2012

    • London: National Gallery “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” 9-Nov-2011-5-Feb-2012
    • London: Serpentine Gallery “Lygia Pape: Magnetized Space” 7-Dec-2011-9-Feb-2012
    • London: Royal Academy of Arts Tennant Gallery “Driven to Draw: Twentieth-century Drawings and Sketchbooks from the Royal Academy’s Collection” 3-Nov-2011-12-Feb-2012
    • London: National Portrait Gallery “Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011” 10-Nov-2011-12-Feb-2012
    • London: Haunch of Venison 103 New Bond Street, London “The Mystery of Appearance” 7-Dec-2011-18-Feb-2012
    • London: British Museum “Grayson Perry The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman” 6-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • London: Barbican Art Gallery “OMA/Progress” 6-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • * Chichester: Pallant House “Edward Burra” 22-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • Birmingham: Birmingham Museum Gas Hall “Lost in Lace: New approaches by UK and international artists” 29-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • London: Tate Britain “Has The Film Already Started?” 27-Jun-2011-26-Feb-2012
    • London: V&A “The House of Annie Lennox” 15-Sep-2011-26-Feb-2012

    Ends March 2012

    • Birmingham: Birmingham Museum Gallery 20 “A Life in Prints: The Tessa Sidey Bequest” 17-Sep-2011-4-Mar-2012
    • London: Royal Academy of Arts Sir Hugh Casson Room “Contemporary prints from RA Editions” 2-Dec-2011-8-Mar-2012,397,RAL.html
    • Gwynedd: Mostyn Gallery “Artist Rooms: Anselm Kiefer” 26-Nov-2011-10-Mar-2012
    • Edinburgh: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Modern Two “The Scottish Colourist Series: F C B Cadell” 22-Oct-2011-18-Mar-2012
    • Oxford: Modern Art Oxford “Graham Sutherland: An Unfinished World” 10-Dec-2011-18-Mar-2012
    • Sheffield: Sheffield Graves “Blk Art Group” 27-Aug-2011-24-Mar-2012
    • * Birmingham: Birmingham Museum “Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration” 13-Jan-2012-25-Mar-2012
    • London: Tate Modern “Photography: New Documentary Forms” 1-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • London: Tate Modern “Artist Rooms: Diane Arbus” 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • London: Tate Modern “Artist Rooms: Jenny Holzer” 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • London: Tate Modern “Artist Rooms: Joseph Beuys” 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • Edinburgh: Scottish National Portrait Gallery “Missing” 1-Dec-2011-31-Mar-2012

    Ends April-December 2012 )

    Ends 2013 or Later )

    A listing of exhibitions which may interest me and others - information presented as is, check with websites etc before travelling, corrections invited. Some galleries close on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays, municipal ones might close at 4.00pm now.

    Items in red are on at the moment, starred items are ones I'd recommend or really want to see.

    Ends January 2012

    • Edinburgh: Elizabeth Blackadder Scottish National Gallery 2-Jul-2011-2-Jan-2012
    • London: Power of Making V&A 6-Sep-2011-2-Jan-2012
    • London: Barry Flanagan Tate Britain 27-Sep-2011-2-Jan-2012
    • Eastbourne : Franziska Furter Towner 8-Oct-2011-2-Jan-2012 (Y)
    • London: Love, Magic and Power V&A 10-Sep-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • Margate: Nothing in the World But Youth Turner Contemporary 17-Sep-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • London: Pipilotti Rist Hayward Gallery 28-Sep-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • * London: Gerhard Richter: Panorama Tate Modern 6-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • London: George Condo: Mental States Hayward Gallery 18-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • London: Painting Canada: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven Dulwich Picture Gallery 19-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • London: Private Eye at 50 V&A Rooms 17a and 18a 19-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012 (Free)
    • London: The First Actresses: Nell Gwyn to Sarah Siddons National Portrait Gallery 20-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • * Gateshead: BALTIC Presents Turner Prize 2011 (Karla Black / Martin Boyce / Hilary Lloyd / George Shaw) BALTIC 21-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012
    • Nottingham: Klaus Weber: If You Leave Me I'm Not Coming Nottingham Contemporary 22-Oct-11-08 Jan 2012
    • London: Hokusai's Great Wave British Museum 3-Nov-2011-8-Jan-2012 (Free)
    • * Bexhill: Warhol is Here De La Warr Pavilion 24-Sep-2011-9-Jan-2012 (Free)
    • Wolverhampton, West Midlands: Traced Wolverhampton Art Gallery 15-Jan-2011-15-Jan-2012
    • London: John Martin: Apocalypse Tate Britain 21-Sep-2011-15-Jan-2012
    • * London: Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990 V&A 38, 39, and North Court 24-Sep-2011-15-Jan-2012
    • London: The Spanish Line: Drawings from Ribera to Picasso Courtauld Institute of Art 13-Oct-2011-15-Jan-2012
    • Cardiff: Joseph Beuys National Museum Cardiff 22-Oct-2011-15-Jan-2012
    • London: One Hundred and One Cartoonists Cartoon Museum 3-Nov-2011-21-Jan-2012
    • * London: Building the Revolution: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935 Royal Academy of Arts Sackler Wing of Galleries 29-Oct-11-22-Jan-2012
    • Liverpool: Alice in Wonderland Tate Liverpool 4-Nov-2011-29-Jan-2012
    • Edinburgh: Turner in January Scottish National Gallery 1-Jan-2012-31-Jan-2012

    Ends Febuary 2012

    • London: Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan National Gallery 9-Nov-2011-5-Feb-2012
    • London: Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011 National Portrait Gallery 10-Nov-2011-12-Feb-2012
    • London: Grayson Perry The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman British Museum 6-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • London: OMA/Progress Barbican Art Gallery 6-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • * Chichester: Edward Burra Pallant House 22-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • Birmingham: Lost in Lace: New approaches by UK and international artists Birmingham Museum Gas Hall 29-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012
    • London: Has The Film Already Started? Tate Britain 27-Jun-2011-26-Feb-2012
    • London: The House of Annie Lennox V&A 15-Sep-2011-26-Feb-2012

    Ends March 2012

    • Birmingham: A Life in Prints: The Tessa Sidey Bequest Birmingham Museum Gallery 20 17-Sep-2011-4-Mar-2012
    • Gwynedd: Artist Rooms: Anselm Kiefer Mostyn Gallery 26-Nov-2011-10-Mar-2012
    • Edinburgh: The Scottish Colourist Series: F C B Cadell Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Modern Two 22-Oct-2011-18-Mar-2012
    • Birmingham: Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration Birmingham Museum 13-Jan-2012-25-Mar-2012
    • London: Photography: New Documentary Forms Tate Modern 1-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • London: Artist Rooms: Diane Arbus Tate Modern 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • London: Artist Rooms: Jenny Holzer Tate Modern 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • London: Artist Rooms: Joseph Beuys Tate Modern 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012
    • Edinburgh: Missing Scottish National Portrait Gallery 1-Dec-2011-31-Mar-2012

    Read more... )
    A bit out of practice with these - I need to update my listing, and I see there's a William Morris exhibition somewhere in London. As always, check with the venue before travelling - especially on Sundays and Mondays. Starred ones I want to see or have seen.



    ·      London: "Only Connect" National Portrait Gallery 16-Apr-2011-27-Nov-2011

    · *     London: "Signs of a Struggle: Photography in the Wake of Postmodernism" V&A 38a 11-Aug-2011-27-Nov-2011 (Free)

    ·      London: "Beatrix Potter: Botanical Illustrations" V&A 14-Jun-2011-11-Dec-2011

    ·      London: "William Dobson: A Portrait Revealed" Courtauld Institute of Art 12-Sep-11-11-Dec-2011

    ·      Kilmarnock, Ayrshire: "Artist Rooms: Bill Viola" The Dick Institute 3-Sep-2011-24-Dec-2011

    ·      Birmingham: "Home of Metal" Birmingham Museum 18-Jun-2011-25-Dec-2011

    ·      Birmingham: "Staffordshire Hoard" Birmingham Museum 24-Jul-2010-31-Dec-2011

    ·   *   London: "Wilhelm Sasnal" Whitechapel Gallery 14-Oct-2011-1-Jan-2012

    ·    *  Edinburgh: "Elizabeth Blackadder" Scottish National Gallery 2-Jul-2011-2-Jan-2012

    ·      London: "Power of Making" V&A 6-Sep-2011-2-Jan-2012

    ·    *  London: "Barry Flanagan" Tate Britain 27-Sep-2011-2-Jan-2012

    ·      Eastbourne : "Franziska Furter" Towner 8-Oct-2011-2-Jan-2012 (Free)

    ·      London: "Love, Magic and Power" V&A 10-Sep-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·    *  Margate: "Nothing in the World But Youth" Turner Contemporary 17-Sep-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     * London: "Pipilotti Rist" Hayward Gallery 28-Sep-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     * London: "Gerhard Richter: Panorama" Tate Modern 6-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     * London: "George Condo: Mental States" Hayward Gallery 18-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     *  London: "Painting Canada: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven" Dulwich Picture Gallery 19-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     * London: "Private Eye at 50" V&A Rooms 17a and 18a 19-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012 (Free)

    ·     *  London: "The First Actresses: Nell Gwyn to Sarah Siddons" National Portrait Gallery 20-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     *  Gateshead: "BALTIC Presents Turner Prize 2011 (Karla Black / Martin Boyce / Hilary Lloyd / George Shaw)" BALTIC 21-Oct-2011-8-Jan-2012

    ·     *  Bexhill: "Warhol is Here" De La Warr Pavilion 24-Sep-2011-9-Jan-2012 (Free)

    ·      Wolverhampton, West Midlands: "Traced" Wolverhampton Art Gallery 15-Jan-2011-15-Jan-2012

    ·      * London: "John Martin: Apocalypse" Tate Britain 21-Sep-2011-15-Jan-2012

    ·     *  London: "Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990" V&A 38, 39, and North Court 24-Sep-2011-15-Jan-2012

    ·      London: "The Spanish Line: Drawings from Ribera to Picasso" Courtauld Institute of Art 13-Oct-2011-15-Jan-2012

    ·      Cardiff: "Joseph Beuys" National Museum Cardiff 22-Oct-2011-15-Jan-2012

    ·   *   London: "Building the Revolution: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935" Royal Academy of Arts Sackler Wing of Galleries 29-Oct-11-22-Jan-2012

    ·      London: "Grayson Perry The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman" British Museum 6-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012

    ·      London: "OMA/Progress" Barbican Art Gallery 6-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012

    ·     * Chichester: "Edward Burra" Pallant House 22-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012 [Going to Nottingham next year]

    ·      Birmingham: "Lost in Lace: New approaches by UK and international artists" Birmingham Museum Gas Hall 29-Oct-2011-19-Feb-2012

    ·      London: "Has The Film Already Started?" Tate Britain 27-Jun-2011-26-Feb-2012

    ·      London: "The House of Annie Lennox" V&A 15-Sep-2011-26-Feb-2012

    ·      London: "Andy Warhol" Museum and Contemporary Collection, Central St Martins 24-Sep-2011-26-Feb-2012

    ·      Birmingham: "A Life in Prints: The Tessa Sidey Bequest" Birmingham Museum Gallery 20 17-Sep-2011-4-Mar-2012

    ·      Edinburgh: "The Scottish Colourist Series: F C B Cadell" Dean Gallery Modern Two 22-Oct-2011-18-Mar-2012

    ·      London: "Photography: New Documentary Forms" Tate Modern 1-May-2011-31-Mar-2012

    ·     *  London: "Artist Rooms: Diane Arbus" Tate Modern 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012

    ·      London: "Artist Rooms: Jenny Holzer" Tate Modern 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012

    ·     *  London: "Artist Rooms: Joseph Beuys" Tate Modern 16-May-2011-31-Mar-2012

    ·      London: "Artist Rooms: TBC Late" Tate Modern 1-Sep-2011-1-Apr-2012

    ·      London: "The Unilever Series: Tacita Dean" Tate Modern 11-Oct-2011-9-Apr-2012

    ·      Nottingham: "Klaus Weber: If You Leave Me I'm Not Coming" Nottingham Contemporary 22-Oct-11-08 Jan 2012


    faustus: (Default)
    ( Jul. 23rd, 2011 08:21 pm)
    This sounds like a fun thing to do:

    Art Deco Tours

    Date: 28 Jun, 26 Jul, 23 Aug, 20 Sept, and 18 Oct
    Eltham Palace

    Time: 11.30am and 2pm
    Suitable for: Adults

    Join an expert guide to tour the 1930s house and view its stunning interiors and furnishings, reflecting the high fashion of the 1930s. You will learn more about Art Deco as well as Stephen and Virginia Courtauld who built the house.

    Tours last approx. 1 hour.
    Tours are regularly over subscribed so we strongly recommend advance booking of the tour
    How to Book

    Please call the site on 0208 294 2548 to book a place on the tour. Payment is on the day.
    I've gotten out of the habit of this - and consequently have missed a couple of things I might have had time to see... I've spent two hours updating my database, and note that I still need to add:
    • Baltic
    • British Museum
    • De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill
    • Laing, Newcastle
    • Kingston upon Thames Museum and Gallery
    • Nottingham Contemporary
    • Pallant, Chichester
    • Towner, Eastbourne
    • V&A
    and no doubt more. As always check with venues before you go - some close on Mondays, some will close over Christmas/New Year, some will charge (get an Art Fund Card). I've ordered by order of closing - it might be counterintuitive, but it means you can prioritise. Let me know if you want me to add you to my Google Calendar for this information, which may be more straightforward to interrogate. Starred items are ones I really want to see, but I've increasing cynicism about doing these things with others, as they tend not to happen when it's convenient for me, and sometimes end up happening inconveniently...

    Items in red are already underway - as far as I know.

    Closes December 2010
    • Treasures from Budapest: European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele 25/9/2010—12/12/2010 Royal Academy Arts (Main)
    Closes January 2011
    • Stephen Sutcliffe 1/10/2010-2/1/2011 Whitechapel Gallery
    • Turner Prize 2010 5/10/2010-2/1/2011 Tate Britain [recommended]
    • Walid Raad: Miraculous Beginnings 14/10/2010-2/1/2011 Whitechapel Gallery
    • Myth, Manners and Memory: Photographers of the American South 1/10/2010-3/1/2011 De La Warr Pavilion [recommended]
    • Move: Choreographing You 13/10/2010-3/1/2011 Hayward Gallery
    • Peter Lanyon 9/9/2010-6/1/2011 Tate St Ives
    • No New Thing Under the Sun 21/10/2010—9/1/2011 RAA
    • Agents of the Buddha: 17th-century Japanese sculptures of Fugen and Monju 11/11/2010-9/1/2011 British Museum
    • * Gods & Monsters: John Deakin’s Portraits of British Artists 2/10/2010—10/1/2011 Pallant House, Chichester
    • Rachel Whiteread: Drawings 15/9/2010-16/1/2011 Tate Britain
    • Venice: Canaletto and his Rivals 13/10/2010-16/1/2011 National Gallery
    • Cezanne's Card Players 21/10/2010-16/1/2011 Courtauld Institute
    • Eadweard Muybridge 15/9/2010-16/1/2011 Tate Britain [recommended]
    • * Gaughin 30/9/2010-16/1/2011 Tate Modern
    • Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes 1900-1939 18/9/2010-16/1/2011 V&A
    • Thomas Lawrence: Regency Power and Brilliance 21/10/2010-23/1/2011 NPG
    • * Pioneering Painters: The Glasgow Boys 1880-1900 30/10/2010—23/1/2011 RAA (Sackler)
    • Ben Johnson: Modern Perspectives 8/12/2010-23/1/2011 National Gallery
    • Richard Wentworth: Three Guesses 6/11/2010-30/1/2011 Whitechapel Gallery
    • GSK Contemporary-Aware: Art Fashion Identity 2/12/2010—30/1/2011 RAA
    Closes February 2011
    • Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion 15/10/2010-16/2/2011 Barbican
    • Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010 11/11/2010-20/2/2011 NPG
    • Tomoaki Suzuki Solo Exhibition 11/12/2010-27/2/2011 Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
    Closes After February 2011 )
    faustus: (Culture)
    ( Oct. 26th, 2010 11:26 am)
    Forgot to listen yesterday - The Seven Car Parks of Croydon - but it's on Listen, No, No, No, listen, Lissen Again at

    Includes quote about how Croydon looks glorious from a distance.

    Sue Perkins is challenging Mark Gatiss for ubiquity; I'm hearing/seeing more of her stuff, and didn't do any of her historical diet programmes.

    On Women's Hour the astonishing revelation that all women have a relationship with food. Well, duh. And men do, too. Someone explained how she carefully didn't talk about diets, hid magazine on weight loss and lied about why she went to the gym, but still had a child with eating problems. No shit. I'd bet she tensed up each time she saw something. I recently discovered that both my mother and her mother went through periods of something akin to anorexia; it feels like my mother passed on her anxieties to her sons by trying not to pass them on. And pardon me for not realising that all the times I was offered a second helping I should have said no. Still, my responsibility.

    There was another thing on R4 with Mariela Frostup, that only seemed to talk about obesity as a problem. I think I need a Susan Sontag of food, a la Illness as Metaphor. It's not clear to me who has the problem, and seems very localised rather than universal.

    Article on Doonesbury:
    faustus: (Culture)
    ( Jul. 5th, 2010 03:31 pm)
    Cartoon Museum, Little Russell Street

    7 July - 5 September 2010
    Toy Tales: Highlight from British Children's TV Animation

    From Postgate to Peppa Pig

    It's probably closest to Holborn - it's at the Coptic Street end of LRS, near the British Museum.


    Tuesday- Saturday 10.30-5.30.
    Sunday 12.00 - 5.30
    Please note we are always closed on Mondays including Bank Holiday Mondays.

    £5.50 Adults
    £4 Concessions
    £3 Students with valid student ID
    Free to Under-18s, Art Fund Members and
    Friends of the Cartoon Museum

    I went to the Searle exhibition (who as always blurred in my head with Ralph Steadman, whom I always worry about confusing with Gerald Scarfe) on Saturday and enjoyed it, although I wasn't quite in the mood for the history of satire half of the exhibition.

    I went as it was finishing, and I also finally caught up with the V&A's Walpole exhibition which is finishing (though might have been extended according to the V&A's powerpoint if not their webpage), and really should have tired harder for the 8.30 train since the V&A was packed, with a distinct bias towards female visitors - last day of Quilts, with long waiting times for the Grace Kelly exhibit, too. Whilst quilts are not my thing, I recall Greer's snide review/think piece, and note once more how the popular cannot, apparently, be any good. (The phrase "great lady scholar" leaps out from much self-serving - is that a scholar of great ladies? The despised Little Britain voices that word "Lay-dee" in my head.) I have a vision of people going to see it because of Greer. I wish I could respect her more, but she seems to have turned into an opinion machine.

    Anyway, the Walpole was not as good as I expected - interesting in its own way of recreating the bits and pieces of Strawberry Hill, a sort of non-Catholic precursor to Pugin's house, two or three generations earlier. But I guess I wanted more of Walpole the novelist, and more of what he was reacting against - context. The book was forty quid, so I passed on it. One day I may interlibrary loan. And a trip to the restored building much be done. (I think I confused Strawberry Hill with Fonthill Abbey with its fallen tower - insert Derrida joke - and William Beckford? Vathek, not Otranto)

    And once more I curse the bad signage of a design museum, who need to mark exhibition entries more clearly - an arrow left, perhaps?

    I bought some podded peas and broad beans from the farmers' market, which turn out to come from Wye, about five miles from here. Ho hum.

    And I had a strawberry and cream frappOWchinOW in celebration of Walpole - I suspect not the grande I asked for, and somewhat against better judgement as I tend to the neurOWWWgia with this kind of cold drink. No exception.

    Copy of Mysterioso spotted and bought in Museum Street Oxfam - read years ago, a straighter Alan Plater novel. I guess it go on the shelves without a reread.
    Red events should be open now. Check with venue before travel.
    Closes July 2010
    * Ronald Searle: Graphic Master 3/3/2010-4/7/2010 Cartoon Museum
    • * Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill 6/3/2010-4/7/2010 V&A
    • Quilts 20/3/2010-18/7/2010 V&A Exhibitions, Room 39 and North Court
    • Semâ Bekirovic 23/6/2010-25/7/2010 Hayward Gallery

    Closes August 2010

    * Henry Moore 24/2/2010-15/8/2010 Tate Britain Recommended
    • The Wyeth Family: Three Generations of American Art 9/6/2010-22/8/2010 Dulwich
    • RAA: Summer Exhibition 2010 14/6/2010-22/8/2010 RAA
    • Picasso: Peace and Freedom 21/5/2010-30/8/2010 Tate Liverpool
    • Rineke Dijkstra: I See a Woman Crying 30/4/2010-30/8/2010 Tate Liverpool

    Closes After August 2010 )

    A belated updating - red events should be open now. Check with venue before travel.

    Closes in May 2010
    • Chris Ofili 27/1/10-16/5/10 Tate Britain
    • Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World 4/2/2010-16/5/2010 Tate Modern Recommended
    • Painting History: Delaroche and Lady Jane Grey 24/2/2010-23/5/2010 National Gallery
    Closes in June 2010
    • Irving Penn Portraits 18/22/2010-6/6/2010 National Portrait Gallery
    • Christen Kobke: Danish Master of Light 17/3/2010-13/6/2010 National Gallery
    • Paul Sandby RA: Picturing Britain, A Bicentenary Exhibition 13/3/2010-13/6/2010 RAA, Sackler Wing
    • Modern Times: Responding to Chaos 3/4/2010-13/6/2010 De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
    • Tony Bevan 3/4/2010-13/6/2010 De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
    • Barbara Rae RA: Prints 19/4/2010-20/6/2010 RAA
    • Underwater 3/4/2010-20/6/2010 Towner, Eastbourne
    • The Indian Portrait 1560 - 1860 11/3/2010-20/6/2010 National Portrait Gallery
    • Relics of old London: Photography and the spirit of the city 10/2/2010-22/6/2010 RAA, Architecture space
    • Treasures from Medieval York: England’s other capital - 27/6/2010 British Museum
    Closes after June 2010 )
    I've let this get a little out of date - I need to check the Tates, Towner, Chichester and others, and add Nottingham. I have a Google Calendar which I can give people access to.

    Check with venue before travelling - exhibitions get cancelled or renamed. I cannot speak to cost of entry but recommend joining the Art Fund.

    These are sorted by order of closure - it's a see now before it shuts aide memoire. Red items are running now. Starred events are ones I really want to see.

    Closes in January 2010
    • Sons of Pioneers: Matthew Houlding 16/10/2009-3/1/2010 De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
    • Mind into Matter [architecture] 16/10/2009-3/1/2010 De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea
    • Astronomy Photographer of the Year 10/9/2009-10/1/2010 National Maritime Museum
    • The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art 10/10/2009-10/1/2010 Tate St Ives
    • John Baldessari: Pure Beauty 13/10/2009-10/1/2010 Tate Modern
    • Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism 26/9/2009-10/1/2010 Manchester Art Gallery
    • Joyous Machines: Michael Landy and Jean Tinguely 2/10/2010-10/1/2010 Tate Liverpool
    • Martin Parr Parrworld 17/10/2009-10/1/2010 Baltic, Gateshead
    • Jeremy Millar: Given 24/9/2009-17/1/2010 National Maritime Museum:
    • Pop Life [was Sold Out] 1/10/2009-17/1/2010 Tate Modern
    • Maharaja: the Splendour of India's Royal Courts 10/10/2009-17/1/2010 V&A
    • Drawing Attention: Tiepolo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso and more 21/10/2009-17/1/2010 Dulwich Picture Gallery
    • Turner and the Masters 23/9/2009-24/1/2010 Tate Britain
    • Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler 24/9/2009-24/1/2010 British Museum
    • Beatles to Bowie: the 60s exposed 15/10/2009-24/1/2010 National Portrait Gallery
    • The Sacred Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture 1600-1700 21/10/2009-24/1/2010 National Gallery Admission Charge
    • The Making of a Spanish Polychrome Sculpture 21/10/2009-24/1/2010 National Gallery
    • Wild Thing: Epstein, Gaudier-Brzeska, Gill 24/10/2009-24/1/2010 Royal Academy of Arts
    • 30 Years of Viz 4/11/2009-24/1/2010 Cartoon Museum
    • Order: Myth, Meaning and Beauty in Architecture 16/10/2009-30/1/2010 Sir John Soanes Museum
    • Capturing the Concept: The Sketchbooks of Sir Nicholas Grimshaw CBE PRA from 1982 to 2007 6/11/2009-31/1/2010 Royal Academy of Arts FREE
    • RAA GSK Contemporary 2009 3/12/2009-31/1/2010 Royal Academy of Arts-Burlington Gardens
    Closes in February 2010
    • Kienholz, Hoerengracht 18/11/2009-21/2/2010 National Gallery Free admission
    Closes in March 2010
    • Objects of Luxury: French porcelain of the eighteenth century /9/2009-/3/2010 V&A Room 146 Free admission
    • Only Joking 27/1/2010-1/3/2010 Cartoon Museum
    • Points of View: Capturing the 19th century in photographs 30/10/2009-7/3/2010 British Library
    • Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams 18/11/2009-9/3/2010 Design Museum
    • Ergonomics: Real Design 18/11/2009-9/3/2010 Design Museum
    • British Council Collection: Thresholds 9/1/2010-12/3/2010 Whitechapel
    • I shake you by the hand, comrade Bacon: British Art Abroad 19/12/2009-14/3/2010 Whitechapel
    • The Rise of Women Artists 23/10/2009-14/3/2010 Liverpool Walker Gallery
    • Robert Mapplethorpe Artist Rooms 19/12/2009- Sheffield-Graves Art Gallery
    • Mark Rothko: The Seagram Murals 2/10/2009-21/3/2010 Tate Liverpool
    Closes After 1 April 2010 )
    faustus: (Culture)
    ( Sep. 2nd, 2009 11:00 pm)
    When Joseph Beuys crashed his plane during the Second World War, the Tartars who rescued him rubbed animal fat on his body, and wrapped him in felt. It should be no surprise to see felt and animal fat as recurrent elements in his ready mades and central to his art.

    Beuys is the subject of the Artist Rooms exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea. The Artist Rooms series of exhibitions are sponsored by Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland, and are scattered around the country - Warhol in Walsall, Mapplethorpe in Sheffield - but you need to do some digging to find the dates and locations of them (the Tate's own website not being that informative - is one way in), and seems to be built around the donation of Anthony d’Offay (see also ETA: gives dates and venues

    Beuys is Here )
    faustus: (culture)
    ( Jan. 7th, 2009 05:49 pm)
    I've been fiddling about with listing of exhibitions, and trying to get a database of these together, ordered by closing date. I know of various other venues not listed here (it is London centric), which I'll add in due course, and it's been a battle to use Mail Merge (I went back to cut and replace). Anyway, I hope to go to some of the following:

    1. GSK Contemporary 31/10/2008–19/1/2009 Royal Academy 6 Burlington Gardens London
    2. Saul Steinberg: Illuminations 26/11/2008–15/2/2009 Dulwich Picture Gallery London
    3. Sisley in England and Wales 12/11/2008–22/2/2009 National Gallery Sunley Room Free admission London
    4. Beatrix Potter: The Art of Leaving Out 1/9/2008–27/2/2009 V&A Room 85 Free admission London
    5. Anthem: William Furlong 24/1/2009–15/3/2009 De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill on Sea
    6. Videofile: Michael Nyman 24/1/2009–15/3/2009 De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill on Sea
    7. Byzantium 330-1453 25/10/2008–22/3/2009 Royal Academy London
    8. The Olympic Stadium Project: Le Corbusier and Baghdad 9/10/2008–29/3/2009 V&A Architecture, Room 128a Free admission London
    9. Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy 31/1/2009–13/4/2009 Royal Academy In the Main Galleries London
    10. Veronese: The Petrobelli Altarpiece 10/2/2009–3/5/2009 Dulwich Picture Gallery London
    11. Exhibition: Treasures of the Black Death 19/2/2009–10/5/2009 Wallace Collection London
    12. The Booker 40 at the V&A 6/9/2008–17/5/2009 V&A London
    13. Sickert in Venice 4/3/2009–31/5/2009 Dulwich Picture Gallery London
    14. Picasso: Challenging the Past 25/2/2009–7/6/2009 National Gallery Admission Charge London
    15. Baroque 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence 4/4/2009–19/7/2009 V&A V&A Exhibitions, Rooms 38, 39 and North Court London
    16. JW Waterhouse RA 27/6/2009–13/9/2009 Royal Academy Sackler Wing of Galleries London
    17. Futurism 12/6/2009–20/9/2009 Tate Modern London
    18. Telling Tales 14/7/2009–18/10/2009 V&A The Porter Gallery Free admission London
    19. Turner and the Masters 23/9/2009–24/1/2010 Tate Britain London
    20. Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill 6/3/2010–4/7/2010 V&A London
    21. Love, Magic and Power 10/9/2011–8/1/2012 V&A London
    22. Postmodernism 8/10/2011–15/1/2012 V&A Rooms 38 and 39, and North Court London
    23. Aestheticism: Beauty in Art and Design 1860-1900 4/7/2011–// V&A London
    faustus: (culture)
    ( Dec. 15th, 2008 03:42 pm)
    I went to two exhibitions in London yesterday, both worth a look.

    But note once more the curse of the modern cultural world - something that's easy to do if you know how, but nearly impossible if not. Arriving at the V&A there were signs to tickets and the exhibition in question. I don't mind paying - that way I get some use out of my Art Fund card. But why hide the place you have to pay so far from where the exhibition itself is? You can employ someone to sell audio guides outside the exhibition, but not tickets? And, yes, okay, the ticket hall was signed, but in a list of items on a sign I walked past and didn't notice. And I notice things (Like Moomin mugs in shop windows).

    And this is a chuffing design museum.

    Cold War Modern )

    Francis Bacon )

    It's a long way away, but I note Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill
    faustus: (architecture)
    ( Oct. 14th, 2008 06:16 pm)
    Good Architecture

    Last Saturday the RIBA Stirling Prize went to Accordia, a multi-practice designed housing estate in Cambridge. At least it didn't go to the Brazil and They Live inspired academy nor the filing cabinet of the Manchester court building. I was interested to see that seeing footage of the buildings rather than just still photos didn't improve my judgement of what I thought weak, but it made me more fascinated by the two railway projects.

    McCloud pointed out that all of the projects were public realm - there wasn't a office among them.

    I still thought Accordia was toytown.

    Bad Architecture

    A while back we lost the latest in a range of Bamboo Furniture shops, whose lack of custom was perhaps a function of a) erratic opening hours b) a better bamboo furniture shop next to Churchill's and Netto and c) it's a sodding bamboo furniture shop. The shop was demolished to make way for a restaurant and what sounded like an unfeasible number of studio apartments. It seemed to go up fairly fast, with metal frames, and is situated between a pretty ugly brick Wilkinson's and a pretty ugly brick office building. It faces onto part of the city wall, about level with the (I'm not making this up) Strict and Particular Baptist Church.

    It wouldn't take much to improve on what was there but - they didn't have much.

    Bad ArchitectureIt feels a bit blocky to me: although until the wood is removed from what is presumably the restaurant, it's perhaps too early to tell. There's a glass block at the top, a white overhang (with windows), a series of brown squares (with windows) and wooden coverings, and five pillars apparently holding up the overhang. Three of these are round, two of them are oblong, and it just looks silly to alternate them. Why the solo window above what is supposed to be a doorway?




    By chance I came across a poster advertising the new building, which seems to have been designed for students (studio living above a restaurant? really?). I can't help but feel that the atmosphere of the picture has not been caught in the photo - which may of course be my fault.

    Poster for Bad ArchitectureBad Architecture








    Bad ArchitectureAnother factor is the workmanship: the dark brown squares don't seem quite aligned, the oblong columns are off-centre compared to the concrete footing, and on the circular columns the casings aren't quite flush. It just looks off. It presumably is only going to get worse. The columns are already dirty.

    In anticipation of Saturday's award ceremony, the short-list (note I'm judging these from what I've read and photos - and see also

    Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios/Alison Brooks Architects/Macreanor Lavington
    Copyright: Tim Crocker
    Client: Countryside Properties
    Award: RIBA Award

    A garden surburb development in Cambridge - high density housing but with sizeable living space. Looks a bit blocky for my taste, with odd chimneys. See

    Biljmer Station
    Architect: Grimshaw/Arcadis
    Copyright: Ger van der Vlugt
    Client: Prorail/City of Amsterdam
    Award: RIBA European Award

    Cool looking station in Amsterdam:
    Brings together railway, a bus station, access to the Ajax stadium, a loggia and a public housing estate. Sexier than St Pancras.

    Manchester Civil Justice Centre
    Architect: Denton Corker Marshall
    Copyright: Tim Griffith
    Client: Allied London
    Award: RIBA Award

    Huge (biggest since Royal Courts of Justice) courthouse, likely to be nicknamed the filing cabinet. Looks like a collection of grey Lego bricks for the central building with colour glass chambers poking out the sides. Apparently very good for the environment - with natural ventilation. I don't like it, but it does look good in polarise light (see

    Nordpark Cable Railway
    Architect: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher
    Copyright: Werner Huthmacher
    Client: Nordpark
    Award: RIBA European Award

    A cable railway in Innsbruck with four stations which mixed concrete and curved glass. Looks sensuous and pretty.

    Royal Festival Hall
    Architect: Allies and Morrison
    Copyright: Dennis Gilbert
    Client: Ian Blackburn
    Award: RIBA Award

    A makeover of a mid-twentieth century friend, reorientating the building and freeing up public space by shifting the offices elsewhere. I have to say that I liked it the way it was, and on my visit there felt disoriented in a way I hadn't before.


    Westminster Academy
    Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
    Copyright: Tim Soar
    Client: Westminster Academy/ Westminster Council
    Award: RIBA Award

    Frankly looks like a glassed in multistorey car park. From a concrete plaza near the Westway you enter a atrium which is surrounded by teaching spaces - and educational slogans that defy parody.
    See Communication, Global Citizenship and Enterprise. Bleuh. Stephen Bayley calls it a toponymic subterfuge

    On screen, I'd go for one of the two railways.

    Note the lack of Terminal 5, St Pancras (last year?) and Wembley from the shortlist


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