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( Mar. 13th, 2012 12:01 am)
I've needed a day out for at least a week, albeit of the take-the-laptop-and-work variety. I thought of London, I thought of Tunbridge Wells, I thought of Tonbridge, I thought of Ashford... I thought of Ramsgate. But the train service was suspended all weekend, and there was a diversion on Sturry Road, so buses looked a problem. Oh, and the bridge from East was closed for maintenance.

I went to Nerd.

Saturday night, after much work, I walked the alleged two miles to ASDA, and two miles back, and was abused by the Imp's drunk, who called across to me as I was locking my front door, that I couldn't get in, because two people had come to change the locks, I was wasting my time, I wouldn't be able to get in. This was my front door. Which I'd just come out of. And then clearly locked.

I thought of going to the Bubble on Sunday, and calling in the library at the campus on the hill, walking home, but fortunately the library books could be renewed on line and Costa hath no wifi. I went to Nerd, then Bux, then (New Nerd being full) back to Old Nerd. I edited three chapters, wrote the lectures I needed for Monday, and ate an out of date packet of crisps. I went home, edited another chapter, then hit the wrong button.

I'd somehow been working on the Dropbox back up of the file, and the flaky wifi meant that the Scrivener file hadn't saved. I'd been editing each chapter in Word, to use the spellchecking function (belts and braces for my own self-copy-edit), but didn't save each chapter. Three chapters gone. Fortunately, I'd edited on paper too, and none of these chapters had the large restructure of some of them, so i was able to redo the work within a couple of hours. No early night, though.

Tonight, I've worked on the remaining chapters and epilogue. I have ten pages which I skipped editing (for reasons which escape me) to do, a couple of hundred words to add and a couple of additional references. Hopefully the manuscript can go off on Thursday.


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