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( May. 22nd, 2012 12:01 pm)
I thought I'd posted this sort of list already, but I can't find it and here it is. Brewers in Kent or just nearby. I've ticked a few more off, and add more.

Abigale Brewery (Ashford) [keep missing this at The Unicorn]
Black Cat (Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells) [I reckon they don't want to sell them - here's their website www.blackcat-brewery.com/. Maybe it's only festivals.]
* Canterbury Ales (Chartham, Canterbury)
* Canterbury Brewers (Canterbury)
* Goachers (Maidstone)
* Hop Fuzz Brewery (Hythe)
* Hopdaemon Brewery (Sittingbourne/Newnham)
* Kent Brewery (West Malling)
* Larkins Brewery (Edenbridge
* Millis (South Darenth, Dartford)
Moodley's Brewery (Penshurst, Tonbridge) [Bottles only?]
* Nelson Brewery Company (Chatham)
* Old Dairy Brewery (Cranbrook)
Old Forge Brewery (Farrier's Arms, Mersham, Ashford) [brewpub? http://www.thefarriersarms.com/]
* Ramsgate Brewery (Broadstairs)
Ripple Steam Brewery Ltd. (Dover) [not yet commercially available - http://www.ripplesteambrewery.co.uk/]
* Rother Valley (East Sussex, so doesn't really count)
* Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Co. (Tunbridge Wells)
* Shepherd Neame Ltd (Faversham)
Swan on the Green (West Peckham, Maidstone) [brewpub?]
Tír Dhá Ghlas Brewery (Dover) [brewbistro]
* Tonbridge Brewery (Tonbridge)
* Wantsum Brewery (Canterbury)
* Westerham Brewery (Edenbridge)
* Whitstable Brewery (Maidstone)
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( Dec. 19th, 2009 03:21 pm)

  1. read and comment on article for journal
  2. write and deliver six four three lectures
  3. mark thirty-five two horror essays
  4. second mark ten audiences essays
  5. write and deliver seminar paper
  6. write chapter on The Man Who Fell to Earth
    Scrivener was due to expire today (I've eked out a thirty day trial since July...) so I've exported successfully into Word. I scribbled on two-thirds of a draft and ought to plot scribbling on the rest. Interesting if fiddly experience breaking an article down to individual argument points and then aiming for 300 words on each; I've overshot badly, but this may be not bad thing.

    4829 / 4000 words. 121% done!
  7. write chapter proposal for book project
  8. read book and watch two films for adaptations project
  9. write a chapter of seventies book

Now I'd better go and do what I'm here to do.


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