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( Aug. 4th, 2011 11:02 am)
So, I need to go to return library books, to pick up my prescription, get tickets, be brave in a copy shop and do things online that my modem will likely freeze up on and a bit of tidying wouldn't come amiss.

One trip to town or two?

How much will obsessing about it cut into time which could be spent doing it?

Or give up and travel north with laptop after all and postpone computer stuff?
Thanks for the email telling me about the funky new trains on the Victoria Line.

Can you actually let me use them on a Saturday or Sunday though?
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( Jul. 12th, 2011 11:40 am)
I would like to book three tickets for an impressionist, whose show you assure me will sell out. In fact, I'd like to check ticket availability before I book. You have a snazzy website, with a page for every show, and a PDF of your programme which generously donates a page to each evening. I guess you are wedded to dead trees.

But the website is pretty, and you've invited me to click on the link above from the booking page to book a show. You tell me that, unfortunately, certain kind of discounts cannot be bought online. As far as I can see, you cannot buy any tickets online.

For link above to click on, there is none.

I've tried signing up, so I gain access to a users area, where I am inviting to write a review. I'd love to write a review.

But I want to buy a ticket to a show please.

How about having a button on each page of a show marked BOOK NOW.
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( Jun. 29th, 2011 01:41 am)
So close... I reckon I have 200 word to add to end the project and I was going to keep going; but my bulb has gone ping, and I need to read some Ballard stories before I write those 200 words. I could adjurn to a room with a light bulb but I think that's my cue to get the fuck to bed. It being gone 1.40. I am unlikely to have time tomorrow (today) as it is a day off, and the day after tomorrow (tomorrow) I anticipate a hangover. Maybe the 30th will be the day.
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( Jun. 15th, 2011 12:17 am)
... I should write tomorrow's presentation. Or I could just wing it. It's not until... 11ish. I never got round to emailing and saying I don't want to be filmed.
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( Jun. 12th, 2011 12:19 pm)
And this week my modem has decided it doesn't want to talk to Livejournal - although my iTouch will connect albeit slowly. Consequently the conversation may be one way, unless I get into the habit of using the library ... ah the joys of Eduroam ...

... Which is not to say that this Bux freebie wifi is not pants today.

I will continue to post (and xpost from) at http://faustus.dreamwidth.org (general) and http://stares.dreamwidth.org (photography). There's nothing really there yet, but those who feel so inclined may wish to friend http://www.flickr.com/photos/stairsstepsstares . Or not.

I have a third fifth blog which is not yet active, (the second, Solar Flares has faded (access issues, as per bloody), the fourth is work-based) and I'm considering moving film stuff... not that I've done any this year.

Oh yes, and Tesco's claim that I don't need to update any direct debits is bollocks so my broadband will probably be dead by the time I get home.
A day trip to London - a painless trip to the Whitechapel Art Gallery; train to Victoria then District to Aldgate East rather than the five changes suggested on Travel Direct. (Why did I not remember that Aldgate East is adjacent to the gallery? I wonder if I've always used the wrong exit despite explicit signage?)

Less painless down to Blackheath - via a mistaken use of self-service checkout at Major Supermarket, whose own brand credit cards work everywhere in the world bar Major Supermarket, and whose divi scheme works neither when I want points but pay by cash nor want points but pay by the same card. There's nothing on the card to scan. I pressed the same button as instructed several times.

Walk from there to Whitechapel station and the Overground - which seems actually somewhat underground to me. Two observations, the announcement that a train will stop at all destinations to West Croydon is misleading if there's nothing on the platform to tell you which these are (and New Cross clearly is one of them, but I wouldn't necessarily know that; I cannot remember how New Cross and New Gate relate to each other) and simultaneous announcements on adjacent platforms make both inaudible. I got there.

Last time I went - I believe the day of the Clarkes - I failed to check for opening times on their website and so didn't know (by looking at the contact page on their website) they closed on Wednesday. This being a Thursday, they'd be open, right?


Closed for half term.

I've now checked their website, but there's nothing telling me that.

Oddly enough, the place just appeared on House Gift, with one of the designers spotting something in their window. It wasn't clear that this was filmed on a Wednesday, but the place was shut. Is the Bookshop on the Heath ever open?

I realised I could get back via Gillingham rather than going back into Victoria, but it was an epic journey and I suspect it shaves off only a couple of minutes.

Today... slept in, bad encounter with door to door electricity rep, and seem to have been answering emails. Have I time to read drafts? I suspect not. Not today, anyway.
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( Feb. 17th, 2011 06:45 pm)
I need a day out.

Especially after this week, with four early starts and one heavy night.

I can't do Saturday, as I've an open day, so it does make it likely to be tomorrow.

I could do with a town with a loiterable coffee shop, because I do with some reading at the very least, even if I don't take my laptop. The Rochester-Chatham-Newnham has possibilities, but no suitable coffee shop, and Ashford, with several potential coffee shops, has been visited in the last three months or so. I don't have the energy for London, and anything beyond Hastings is out. I sort of fancy Tonbridge/Tunbridge, but don't have the energy to walk up the hill and it's may be a little far. I don't fancy Ramsgate.

So I figured Dover - with a Costa - and, maybe, briefly, Deal.

Except, whilst I can get directly to Dover, my station won't sell me a ticket to Deal - I have to go there via the other station, which is a twenty minute walk.

I can buy a ticket at Dover, but the interchange is four minutes and there's no time, then a wait for an hour for the next train.

Ah ha, I can buy a ticket online.

I spend twenty minutes wrestling with a Dover-Deal return as I can't remember my password, and then discover the password they send you is a password to get a password, not to access the site. Finally, I can get on the site.

The ticket is £4.80.

The minimum spend is £5.00.

But the webpage will sell me a ticket to Deal. Hopefully I am allowed to use it.

I need a day out. I really need a day out.
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( Oct. 26th, 2010 09:38 pm)
I really need to get writing. I know what I need to write. Am I writing?

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( Oct. 8th, 2010 01:47 am)
I stand at a cusp. One direction, things could be very good indeed. The other, not so good. Well, not necessarily worse than now, although there will be self doubts and hurt feelings. Mainly my own.

To suspect that both paths would lead to the same place is distinctly glass half empty thinking - and perhaps someone should get this water tested.

In any case, I am filled with a sense of foreboding.

I now that I am probably filled with a sense of foreboding because I am not sleeping as much as I should. And I am not sleeping because - not actually a sense of foreboding, but rather the things which is causing foreboding and/or excitement.

In Australia I was crashing in the early evening. I went back to the hotel via a supermarket and watched dvds - including a British sf series which make Blakes Seven look about as grim as Red Dwarf, and was generally asleep by 10.

The jetlag meant that once I was home I was in bed by, if not midnight, then at a reasonable hour. For once I was going to bed the same day I got up, rather than getting up the same day I went to bed.

Things, evidently, have slipped.

And even on days I'm getting to bed at 1.30, I'm not sleeping. Not until gone 3.00.

Like tonight.

Did you know digital Radio 4 moves from World Service to BBC Schools at 2am GMT?

And so I am facing petty annoyances.

The road about ten metres from my house is about to be closed for two weeks. This is going to be chaos. I don't drive, but it's already a rat run.


The HS1 trains are going to be suspended during the Olympics. I don't use it very often, but I'm happy it's there for when I do, especially if I want to go north. Locally we've trailed having training camps in the area - the new sports facilities off campus are reserved for some nationality or other. Apparently they won't be going to Stratford So-Called International by train after all. And should I want to go to the Olympics, I will need to take a long way round. Mostly, I think, I shall go east.


I need a third thing but I can't think of it.


If I try now, maybe I can get to bed by 2am.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2010 05:58 pm)
Today nearly turned into a four coffee shop day.

1: Caffe Nerd )

Down to Oxfam, where I picked up a Kilworth I'd thought I'd had (and more to the point assumed I had read) and a book against porn, and browsed through the 1965 Dr Who Annual on sale at £15. Some browning to pages, an inscription, biro mark on side, but looks a clean copy. Features Sensorites in one tory.

Needed something bakery-y for lunch, and whilst I disapprove of the West Cornwall Pastie Company doing bacon and cumberland sausage in rolls, neither of them being pasties, I object even more to them not indicating on their menu that these are pre-11 o'clock only. How am I meant to know? I am almost channeling DFENS, but fortunately I have not weapons on me. I had a cumberland sausage in a roll after noon at King's Cross so he's lyung about it being company policy. And get a separate breakfast menu. I am channeling the folk hero who was escort from a shop for not buying a bagel in the right manner.

2: Caffe Nerd )

"Confirm 72 hours before" it says, and yes, it is nearer to 36 but I'm not clear how to confirm. Yes, as expected, my modem does not like the necessary website and, whilst maybe a phone call to the agency would be wisest, I have time to go back into town (I'd thought of having a drink in town tonight, at the Bell End Crown) and use wifi there. Theoretically there's Albatross House, but I'm not sure if I'm able to get in on a Sunday as I don't have the correct ID yet.

3: Bux )

The agency is open til six, and apparently it means confirm the return. This is not at all clear in context of the instructions, nor is how to do it clear. I'm given advice about getting a phone number at the airport. Might as well go back to a coffee shop and get an hour's work done there, as have lap top will travel.

4: Caffe Nerd )

I wonder if I have dry clothes at home yet?
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( Aug. 6th, 2010 01:28 pm)
Thank you for at least some semblance of asking after my health for once, rather than inquiring about a specific absence. Or, rather, as those inquiries didn't seem concerned but accusatory, thank you for not telling me off for once. And on absence, there's this concept called leave, which translates as "working elsewhere".

But it's a start. I don't think that the question, "Are you going on a crash diet then?" is one you've yet earned, and be aware that many people are sensitive about their body image. I'm sure that in your own mind you were trying to be helpful, but it just seems like a criticism at best. "Would it help if you lost some weight?" might be better, but frankly I'd consider the whole thing pretty taboo.

Maybe, and of course this might have some sensitivities, a discreet inquiry after my progress might be more timely? Otherwise, I may have to ask you how your people skills training has gone, and if you need a refresher course.
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( May. 4th, 2010 08:24 pm)
Email from credit card:

"We're shore you'll love what we've got"

Know weigh.
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( Mar. 27th, 2010 04:39 pm)
So the answer to the question, will I go and see The Tiger Lillies do Shock Headed Peter is a resounding NO, on the grounds that that was last night. So I missed them and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead this week. Bum.
It's not been the best of days thus far - my body surfaced about 10, and I got up to feed Tilda. At some point I noticed the takeaway mouse at the bottom of the stairs and trod in the puddle of milk I spilt last night and hoped would be gone by morning. My plan was to watch the first two Superman movies today, but they aren't in either of the three places I thought they'd be. I'm convinced I took them to Leicester, but if so I'm fairly convinced they came back (unless I tucked them on the shelf in the wardrobe and pushed them out of sight). I had a tidy of the bedroom last week, and I thought all the videos got stuck in a pile then. I think the only thing to do is weight for them to surface, but it blocks the chapter.

Trapped the other side of the bed, I heard the phone ring, and tried to squeeze around the bedside cabinet. Crash went the pile there, and a favourite mug lost a handle. It may be gluable. I didn't reach the phone - it was a polling company who has just received a stiff message and may well find themselves added to some junk mail lists.

So, onto rewatching Return of the Jedi then which is not exactly 1970s, but I probably ought to deal with the whole trilogy, even if it is just in passing for the sixth episode.

ETA: Superman located such that I don't think it went to Leicester. Superman II still MIA, but may be on spare bed with the seventies books. Copy of Shark in Venice also located. Additional grumpiness has been brought to you by a request for a heavy rewrite of a review, the edited version putting words in my mouth.
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( Mar. 14th, 2010 07:49 pm)
There was a plan - for lo! we do not do things randomly round here. But the trip to London on Friday was more exhausting than planned - or perhaps the journey home was - and thus the Saturday morning writing a lecture in the library turned into hitting the radio button on the alarm clock every seventy minutes or so. I emerged at four from bed (I did hear the play with Nighy and Glenister), and turned my hand to the lecture at about seven, and tried for an early night.

Sunday was meant to be about marking the delinquents and seeing a film - but I failed to lie in so started a big tidy in the morning before going to the campus on the hill. Except their coffee bar doesn't open until forty minutes before the film, and I didn't get the marking started, though sorted the essay questions for one module at last.

And so back home to add pictures to the lectures, and mark - but somehow I saved the version cut down to notes over the version I'd started adding pictures to. Fortunately I sent a copy to my co-teachers and retrieved this - so now I have to phone home and then mark. I don't think I'm getting Return of the Jedi watched tonight as planned.
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( Feb. 10th, 2010 12:44 am)
If you've in one breath a) asked me a favour and b) told me not to put myself out, please don't complain, even sweetly, if I appear to have not put myself out. Being put out is not always visible - and a kick in the teeth often offends.

(Obviously, this isn't about you.)
Re: recycling )
Recipes )
Reading )
Ringing )

* Pointless (and frankly not thought through) geographical reference.
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( Oct. 25th, 2009 10:20 pm)
I know it isn't wrong but it is misleading to have a price quoted in the form "Bed and Breakfast from £39 per night" and for that price to exclude breakfast - but such practice makes me doubt a little whether there is also a bed.
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( Oct. 1st, 2009 09:53 am)
The phantom driller is drowning out the forensics class opposite.


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