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I've been unusually politically engaged this time round -- faced with a local slate of Conservative (incumbent), Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP, Green and Socialist Party of Great Britain, I went to the local hustings.

Historically I have voted LibDem, Labour and (I suspect) Ecology, and I think I've only voted for the winner once. I *think* last time I didn't vote Labour thanks to Iraq etc, and returned to LibDem. This time the fall out from ConDem coalition makes such a vote less likely but...

Conservative 22,050
Liberal Democrat 16,002
Labour 7,940
UK Independence Party 1,907
Green 1,137
Money Reform Party 173

UKIP would have to steal a lot of votes from the Tories to allow the LibDems in and they may well be as likely to take from Labour according to the people in South Thanet. I went into the hustings thinking that I would choose between Green and Socialist Party of Great Britain, but the latter candidate impressed me even less than the SWP people I knew at university. The LibDem candidate was the better speaker -- but tuition fees was a nightmare.

So last night I went off the see Bisi Alimi speak in Ramsgate, billed as Farage's healthcare tourist. He was the first person to come out on Nigerian television and, facing violence and criminal charges, he sought asylum. He is now a British citizen, a lecturer, working in HIV counselling and advocacy, with a particular emphasis on Africa. He was an impressive speaker -- but then it looks as if he's been doing a lot of this kind of thing. His plan was to spend today talking to UKIP voters and posing the question, what have immigrants done to you?

There is a loose alliance of people in South Thanet campaigning to keep Farage out, and good luck to them. This particular event attracted candidates from
Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog and the Labour Party -- who appeared to be the sponsors of the event. It was disappointing to see that Will Scobie the Labour candidate left before the talk and discussion started.

What was striking was that, aside from the first respondent and the Hope Not Hate representative, all the speakers were women. Unusual.
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