live blogging the research day: having gone to bed at 10.00pm gave self another hour in bed. Have been to bank and bought fruit, and now have an hour in a coffee bar to read the manuscript I am overdue reporting on.

Student email inquires if there are jobs in area of university I have nothing to do with.

11 hours ago ·

Signed off colleague appears; conversation ensues about teaching matters. Adjourn to office for 11 in case external speaker needs assistance. Will need to prepare for meeting at 12 and pick up essays that need marking. One page of manuscript read.

10 hours ago · Edited ·

When did I start locking my office door from the inside?

9 hours ago ·

Meeting for first year core module, conversation with the two cohorts of the at-risk module on level 5. Lunch?

7 hours ago ·

Five minute conversation about research groups. Back to virtual learning environment and prep for a module I don't teach.

6 hours ago ·

Phones helpline to deal with fees query; put through to fees whose phone tells me to phone the helpline. Fortunately I have a direct number. Now going in search of someone to sort first years into fifteen groups...

5 hours ago · Edited ·

Fourteen groups, each with a PR student and fitting the existing timetable. We are genii. Picked up second pile of essays. Time to go for coffee and to read the manuscript. Is there any point in taking the marking home?

5 hours ago ·

But first save the lecture I'm giving next week from a module I don't teach on. Kantain deontology? No good can come of it.

5 hours ago ·

Walk away from the PC (must email external examiner. Tomorrow's to-do list)

5 hours ago ·

Although I had to go to the sorting office for a parcel and walked back into town via the beer shop. Three bottles bought for Christmas day.

4 hours ago ·

I note this chapter is justified, all the others are ragged right. See, I am paying attention.

3 hours ago ·

Sends query about possible book proposal.

3 hours ago ·

Ooh, you bitch... Contributor to the manuscript flatters then insults me and others. I spy a self-serving argument.

3 hours ago ·

Another chapter read - two to go. Time to see if bread is being sold off at Marks & S

3 hours ago ·

Longer phone call to Aged Ps than planned, have now read last two chapters of Ms. No more score settling noticed, but sie is a case apart from other critics. Calling it a day for work, especially as the cat wants to play with the track pad. I'm sure I was going to email someone something, but I've forgotten who or what. Taking a Clarke submission to a pub to read for an hour.

A few seconds ago ·

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