Does anyone here use Mendeley? I have my database of references in it, and I want it to spit out all the entries written by, say, Heinlein, in, say, Chicago format. If you highlight ten records, you can cut and paste or drag and drop and magically it's done. But, say, you have 277 records. Doing this 27 times would be tedious. I can select all, but then the program clams up.

I've tried emailing records, but it only sends the titles and authors, not the publishers, city of publication etc.

Supposedly there is a widget for use with Word, which I have apparently installed, but I can't find where that is on word. Mendeley's help menu merely takes you to a point on its menus, rather than telling you what to do, and its FAQ talks only about import not export.
Do I highlight and copy, then wait for half an hour for it to copy?
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