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([personal profile] faustus Jun. 8th, 2012 09:55 am)
I have twelve sacks of recycling waiting to be collected. I have conceded I will never read those newspapers. Good job the bags are full, or they might blow away. Neighbours' bags are jaywalking. I'm hoping the bunting blows away - it sounds like rain on the windows rather than the flappy noise of the breeze. I have disturbed much dust and am still at the stage when the house looks no tidier. Need to offload jiffy bags on someone, and boxes. Maybe they can live in the shed for a while. Spare room needs cosmetic work, but will have to remain where stuff gets dumped. The dining room table keeps appearing. The stairs are no longer a death trap.

Plumber who said he'd come at 9.30 arrived at 8.30. Cheaper than I feared, but angle grinder is needed. Might be able to fit me in next week, but unlikely.

Have listened to an album by Charles Vaughan. Wonders if Abby Grant has one too. Reminded me of the Scanner album I heard.

Back to bed for an hour, I fear.

Must remember it's Chris Addison tonight, although I suspect I've seen this show twice already. If the weather's like this, I shan't be walking back, though I badly need the exercise.


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