I am operating on about four hours sleep as I inadvertently defrosted the freezer last night (the trays were beginning to stick) and it wasn't helped by the pub being noisy until 1.30am, which is when I finally went to bed. It wasn't fully defrosted at 3am, and probably was by 8.00, when I awoke and was by 9.30 when I got up. Last time I defrosted the freezer, it died. Yeesterday was clearly not the day to buy ice cream. I have phoned the council and the police to complain. More about the noise than the freezer. Although the freezer has made odd noises

I heard, as a result, about two hours of coverage of the proposed Bacefook flotation. It seems to me that it is vastly over valued with no real sense of how the business can expand and be monetised without further alienating their users. This is going to end well, yes? Maybe this is why I have a G+ account, although I don't like the way Google feels your life is better when interwoven (do I want to be told that someone else has done the same search as me?)

I have to invigilate an exam this afternoon, but have not received the confirmation email. I phoned to check, but realised that the Examinations office phone number is actually the Calzone number the high level, two-way, interactive bottleneck helpline which last year became student-only and assistants can be bollocked for assisting staff. The staff number or, rather, numbers are not apparent, and presumably need another level of clicky to get to direct line numbers. I was put through to the sports centre, which appears to be where I needed to be put through to. (I note that three weeks ago I was emailed by the Calzone - who in a Priestly manner can talk to you even if you are not allowed to talk to them - to tell me that my computer issue had been resolved. Since this was for a problem I had not raised, at a time when I was still in bed, I was even more confused than usual. Turns out they inputted the wrong name in their records. Heigho.)


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