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( Mar. 14th, 2012 12:08 am)
Do you have a book?

Oh yes, we have manuscript, 120,000 words, now edited, and needing a skim read tomorrow, before submitting on Thursday.




Yes, because Wednesday I am giving a paper.


You have a paper?


Of sorts, yes, which is the first draft for an article due in 2013.


Wasn't there meant to be an article for Wednesday?


Technically for 9 January.


You've finished that?


I thought it was January 31st, missed that, and promised 29 February.


You've finished that?


No, but they gave me until 14 March.


Which is Wednesday.




At least that's all you have to do this week.


Well, I have to apply for two exhibitions, and various work things.


Quiet weekend then?

With luck, yes.



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