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( Feb. 20th, 2012 12:15 am)
With perhaps the same air of mixed feelings of a homeovestite, I have of late been trying on medium sized clothes, and last week - whilst in search of a jumper - bought a not-quite-hoodie (size medium) and on Saturday bought a new jacket (size medium) and a hoodie (size medium). These are tight, if not snug, with a minor degree of moobidity.

Given that with my shoes on,* I am obese, what does this say about male clothing size?

* We are treating the footwear as invisible for the purposes of mass, although it has to be said that the kilo they add makes the difference between overweight and obese. My BMI is 29.8. Obesity starts at 30. On the other hand, it seems unfair to include the footwear's mass whilst failing to note the 20mm extra height which would bring my BMI to 29.4.


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